New 5-axis automatic CNC machine.

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Cisaplast, a leader in the component industry, is proud to announce the installation of a new 5-axis automatic CNC machine. This cutting-edge technology will allow the company to directly handle complex machining while maintaining flexibility and productivity.

The installation of the new 5-axis automatic CNC machine represents an important investment for Cisaplast, which aims to constantly improve its range of products and services to customers. The new technology will increase precision and the quality of processing, ensuring greater efficiency in production.

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The Cisaplast team is thrilled about this new step towards an increasingly technological and competitive future. The company is ready to offer its customers an even more efficient and reliable service, with a growing focus on meeting the specific needs of the market.

In short, the installation of the new 5-axis automatic CNC machine marks a new beginning for Cisaplast, which is poised to continue growing and conquering the market with its high-quality products and services.

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