Quality Policy

Cisaplast has made the development of quality, human capital, environmental protection, and health and safety in the workplace an integral part of its corporate culture and relationships with stakeholders.

The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and its adaptation to the evolving business reality and regulatory landscape are fundamental for Cisaplast to successfully achieve its goals related to quality, environment, health, and safety.

Cisaplast is committed to constantly reducing the environmental impact of its production processes, activities, products, and services, in line with technological progress and cost considerations.

Furthermore, the primary commitment of the company is to pursue, maintain, and continuously improve the safety of its employees and protect their health in the workplace.

Cisaplast's Quality Management System is based on a risk assessment approach that enables the organization to identify factors that could deviate processes from the ISO 9001:2015 standard and implement preventive controls to minimize negative effects and capitalize on market opportunities by anticipating trends.

In relation to its context, stakeholders, activities, and products/services provided, Cisaplast S.p.a. commits to:

  • Identify and meet the demands of customers, users, and stakeholders.
  • Continuously monitor the internal and external context in which it operates.
  • Carefully evaluate the risks and opportunities of its processes.
  • Maintain a high quality standard of its products.
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Maintain an efficient and effective Quality Management System to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Take an active role in environmental protection in its operations.
  • Raise awareness among suppliers about environmental issues, health and safety, and compliance with company policies.
  • Develop programs and objectives and provide the necessary resources for their implementation.
  • Be active in researching and providing new technologies and infrastructure.
  • Promote a culture of Quality, environmental protection, and safety at all levels of the organization and prevent with awareness and continuous training.
  • Motivate employees to develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment, their own health and safety, and that of their colleagues.
  • Conduct internal audits to ensure that the requirements of the system are applied and maintained in conformity.

In this regard, involving stakeholders is considered essential through:

  • Raising awareness among all stakeholders about the commitments outlined in this Policy.
  • Involving stakeholders in the process of defining the objectives of the management system.
  • Transparent communication and dialogue regarding the requirements and performance of the Quality Management System among all interested parties.

The ownership of Cisaplast is committed to supporting the implementation and dissemination of this Policy to all stakeholders and ensuring compliance with the principles contained therein.

The Policy is periodically reviewed and updated by the ownership to ensure its validity and alignment with the company's needs and those of stakeholders.

Suzzara, September 29, 2022

President of Cisaplast S.p.a.

Guiducci Barbara

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