Working side by side for a customized product

Cisaplast is a benchmark for the production of high-quality commercial refrigerator glass doors, but that's not all: it also offers support services to its customers to ensure maximum satisfaction.

But the strong point and the secret of the quality of our products is the technical consultancy in Co-design, which is a working method that focuses on the customer's needs and requests to make the final product personalized and tailor-made.

But what exactly does Co-design mean?
Simply put, it means working side by side with the customer.

Involving it in every stage of the production process, from the design phase to the choice of materials and finishes, thus arriving at the realization of the final product.

Technical consulting in Co-design is a service that Cisaplast offers its customers to maximize the results and make them personalized in every aspect.

This method of work not only ensures high product quality, but also allows us to confront our clients' problems in order to find innovative and customized solutions to meet any specific need.

Close cooperation

Our technical experts work closely with customers, listening to their requests and proposing customized and innovative solutions. Thanks to this way of working, we are able to offer high quality products suited to each customer's specific needs.

At the end of the Co-design process, which has as its goal the realization of the finished product, Cisaplast always stays by the customer's side with installation support services and technical assistance to ensure the proper functioning of commercial refrigerator doors and prolong their lifespan. Our technical experts are always available to answer questions and provide support during the installation phase of the doors but also during their daily use.

We also offer scheduled maintenance services and repair assistance in case of breakdown or damage.

If you are interested in working with us, book a free private consultation now to see how we can solve your problems and meet your needs. We are committed to providing high quality customer service and offering customized solutions for our clients.

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