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Protecting your cold since 1962

Cisaplast has been a leading brand in the refrigeration industry for over 50 years on an international level. Its frame-door systems for commercial refrigeration counters are installed on every continent, bringing comfort and efficiency to thousands of points of sale in various usage conditions.

Founded in 1962 by founder Walter Mantovani, the company is now in its third generation of management, owned by the Guiducci family. The company quickly established an important position in the plastics molding industry for refrigeration, thanks to its expertise in working with aluminum and insulation techniques.

This experience, combined with its knowledge of aluminum working techniques and insulation techniques, allowed the company to become a leader in the production of glass doors in the 1970s. Today, Cisaplast is a modern and efficient company with an extensive distribution network and two production facilities covering a total of 30,000 square meters, where design engineers work alongside highly skilled workers to develop and test solutions for the problems of major manufacturers, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and production flexibility.

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“Today, Cisaplast is a solid partner of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers in the refrigeration industry.”



covered m2



glass doors/year

The group



Office - Doors
Suzzara, MN • 4.700 m2

Cisa 2

Production and mechanical processing
Motteggiana, MN • 3.000 m2

Cisa 3

Frames production
Suzzara, MN • 3.600 m2

Cisa Terminal

Logistics and shipping
Suzzara, MN • 3.800 m2



Cisaplast USA Glass Doors is a company based in Elkton, Kentucky, specializing in the production of medium and low-temperature glass doors and equipment for the commercial refrigeration industry, with a particular focus on the American market. Since 2018, the company has been working in collaboration with the Cisaplast group, joining forces to improve the quality of products and services offered.

Cisaplast USA is committed to providing high-quality products and services that can help its customers gain a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, the company promotes a culture of quality that helps its team grow as professionals and individuals, and is constantly committed to innovation in order to achieve its goals, both individual and collective.

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Cisaplast thailandia


In 2015, Cisaplast (Thailand) Co. Ltd was founded as the unique distributor of Cisaplast S.P.A for Southeast Asia, including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Starting in 2019, the company began assembling its own glass door frames for professional refrigeration under the supervision of Cisaplast S.P.A.

Since 2020, Cisaplast S.P.A has started a joint venture with the company.

Our Story


Cisaplast is established by Mr. Walter Mantovani.


First exportation outside Italy.


Production of the first Low Temperature glassdoor.


Building of the Climate Room to test and develop new products.


Launch of the “CISA5”, the first mass-production frame, adopted from every italian manufacturer and other european companies.


Cisaplast get the Quality System Certification in accordance with the UNI EN 9002 standard from Det Norske Veritas.


Production of the “CISA6”, an aesthetic revolution in the market. This product improves the general importance of the glassdoor.


The Quality Certification is extended to the UNI EN ISO 9001-1994 standard, including the Design Procedures.


Cisaplast acquires the glassdoor branch of “Officine Rami”, an historical competitor.


The patented “CISA 9” model is leader in “Energy Saving”. Great insulation allows a 40% reduction of energy costs.


Cisaplast is the official european leader in glassdoor production. A new production site is built 5km away from the headquarters.


The production units are totally renewed with automatic CNC stations. Higher quality level and shorter production times.


Release of “CISA60”, the first Energy Free Door for low temperature. PHILIPS chose Cisaplast as partner to develop a new LED module.


The new “CISA90” set a paragon stone in the market. All elements are studied to reach the highest quality.


CISA17 and CISA18 complete the range covering single and double islands.


The “WIDE VISION” concept. The range for normal temperature reaches its best with CISA14TSS.


The sliding solutions for normal temperature cabinets are on the market: CISA14SD and CISA15.


The year starts with the UL certification and a general improvement in all directions.


The extreme research in design creates PANORAMA, the new glassdoor with an astonishing visual effect of continuity.


The range for normal temperature reaches its best with CISA 19F Hinged and CISA 23F Sliding door.


Opening of the new Cisa3 plant for the production of frames.


New “CISA 19 FR” frameless door with heated glass for high humidity environments.


Construction of the Cisa1 office building, the new corporate and commercial headquarters.


Presentation of the new product range for normal temperature: Class, Style, and Glam.


Presentation of the new Panorama range, to once again revolutionize the market for low-temperature applications.

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