Brand new door system for roll in with full-glass GLAM door, for the maximum transparent area also in cold rooms.

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Vertical bench cl
Vertical Cabinet CL
Swing cl
Hinged CL
  • Profiles in composite PVC and aluminium material
  • Completely transparent glazing spacer
  • Double glazing with external low emission pane and gas inside, both panes made of tempered glass with Ug 1.1 W/mqK
  • LED lighting system
  • Automatic 90° door locking system
  • Automatic closing
  • Magnetic gasket
No lower profile

Due to the absence of floor profiles, this door offers several advantages over traditional doors.

It simplifies cleaning, reducing the risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation, and provides greater accessibility by eliminating the step obstacle that comes with traditional doors with floor profiles.

GLAM CR IN detail
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