Cisa 6 Roll in

Aluminium frame and glass doors with flat lower part allowing trolley/person transit.

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Vertical bench cl
Vertical Cabinet CL
Swing cl
Hinged CL
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Double pane glass
  • Heated frame with LED lighting
  • Manual 90° door locking system
  • Automatic closing by torsion bar
  • Magnetic gasket and lower floor lip
  • Chemical silver finish
  • Personalized handles
Lower flat profile with floor-gasket

Thanks to the walkable seal and the absence of floor profiles, this door offers many advantages over traditional doors.

It simplifies cleaning, reducing the risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation, and provides greater accessibility by eliminating the step obstacle that comes with traditional doors with floor profiles.

The operator is able to enter the refrigerated cell directly with a handling device (pallet truck), and bring the goods directly inside, to then store and/or position them on the shelves.

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