Vertical Hinged

Glass doors with vertical swing closing for low-temperature commercial refrigerators and refrigeration systems.

Cisaplast's refrigerator doors are made entirely of transparent tempered glass, which allows for easy viewing of the contents of the fridge while ensuring greater resistance and durability compared to other materials, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

In particular, they feature a perimeter magnetic seal to ensure a perfect seal and prevent temperature leakage, thereby reducing waste and energy consumption.

The low-temperature swing glass door is designed for commercial environments such as restaurants, bars, and food stores, where staff need frequent access to the fridge to retrieve or store food and beverages.

Finally, Cisaplast recognizes the importance of aesthetics, as our products feature contemporary designs that enhance the image of your establishment and blend seamlessly with any style of decor.

Cisaplast refrigeration systems are versatile, robust, and easy to use, offering excellent improvements to your product preservation systems and ensuring significant energy savings.

Discover our range of glass doors for low-temperature commercial refrigerators with vertical swing closing.

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