Cisa 20

Designed without lower slide guides: suitable, practical to use and clean.

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CISA 20 is an extremely flexible sliding solution for closing NT refrigerated counters, with a minimum internal temperature of 0°C.

The Wide Vision concept allows excellent visibility and enhancement of the product, the double-glazed glass with low-emission plate and the perimeter gaskets guarantee thermal insulation.

The automatic closing with counterweights, the end-of-stroke braking system and the door blocking system guarantee maximum practicality for the employees at the point of sale.

Normal temperature
Norma Temperature
Vertical bench tn
Vertical Cabinet TN
Sliding tn
Sliding TN
Greater hygiene tn
Greater hygiene
Reduced thicknesses tn
Very low thickness
  • Combined system of PVC and aluminium profiles
  • Double glazing with low emission internal pane and both panes made from tempered glass
  • LED lighting system available as optional
  • Upper rollers with easy to slide bearings
  • Manual locking system to hold the door open
  • Automatic closure with counterweights and safety brake
  • Noise reduction bubble shaped gasket
Maximum hygiene

The absence of bottom runners prevents the accumulation of dirt, also facilitates faster cleaning.

Cisa 20 detail
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