Vertical sliding

Sliding glass doors for commercial refrigeration systems.

Commercial refrigeration is a sector that requires the utmost attention to the quality and efficiency of its products. Cisaplast's sliding glass doors for commercial refrigerators offer a series of advantages that make them the ideal choice for any business.

The first and fundamental characteristic that makes our sliding glass doors for commercial refrigerators the best choice is hygiene and cleanliness. Thanks to the easy opening and ease of cleaning, maintenance of the door is extremely simple and fast, always ensuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition, thanks to the transparency of the glass, the visibility of the internal products is optimal, offering better exposure of food and products to the customer. With sliding glass doors, it will be possible to organize the refrigerator in such a way that everything is easily accessible, without the need to open each individual door, reducing the necessary space in front of the refrigerator, making it ideal for small shops with narrow aisles.

Furthermore, our sliding glass doors' anti-fog system guarantees maximum visibility of the products, without the need to open the door to eliminate fogging.

Our range of sliding glass doors is available in different designs, shapes, and sizes, adapting to any type of environment since they are custom-built. In addition, Cisaplast's sliding glass doors are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, reducing management costs and energy waste.

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