Vertical Hinged

Vertical Hinged Doors for Commercial Refrigerator

Their importance is reflected in several advantages that can make a difference for your business.

Cisaplast's glass doors for commercial refrigerators guarantee maximum hygiene and faster cleaning operations. Their glass and aluminum structure allows for easy cleaning and disinfection, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and ensuring maximum hygiene of your products.

In addition, glass doors offer greater visibility of internal products, allowing you to display your products in an attractive and inviting way for customers. Thanks to the anti-fog system, the visibility of your products remains perfect even in conditions of high humidity.

Our glass doors for commercial refrigerators not only improve the appearance of your establishment, but also contribute to reducing energy costs and waste. In fact, thanks to their insulating structure, our glass doors allow for maintaining a constant internal temperature of the refrigerator, avoiding energy losses and reducing consumption.

Lastly, we must not neglect the aesthetic aspect. Cisaplast's glass doors for commercial refrigerators have an elegant and modern design that enhances the appearance of your establishment and integrates perfectly with any decor.

If you want to equip your commercial refrigeration systems with vertical swinging glass doors, rely on Cisaplast. We are leaders in the production of doors and closures for commercial refrigerators, guaranteeing high-quality, reliable, and safe products.

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