Glam SV hinged

The semi-vertical hinged system GLAM is the solution for normal temperatures with maximum aesthetic performance, thanks to the absence of perimeter profiles.

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The vertical spacers are also transparent, for a better look. Available with AS handle (short frontal handle).

Normal temperature
Norma Temperature
Swing tn
Hinged TN
Semi-vertical bench tn
Semi-vertical Cabinet TN
  • Door profiles in shockproof PVC
  • Frame profiles in composite PVC and aluminium
  • Double glazing with internal low emission pane and gas inside, both panes made of tempered glass with Ug 1.1 W/mqK
  • LED lighting system
  • 90° automatic door locking system (optional)
  • Automatic closing with gravity system hinge
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Full height handle or short frontal handle
Transparent vertical spacers

Glass doors for traditional refrigerators may be functional, but they are not always the aesthetically best choice for a supermarket.

Today, with the Glam series, Cisaplast offers a modern, sophisticated design that adds a touch of elegance and style to the store. Glam glass doors allow a crisp view of refrigerated products inside the refrigerator, with no interruption in the line of sight. This means customers can easily see the products they are looking for and are more likely to buy, thus improving sales experience and conversion rate. Finally, they are easy to clean and maintain,

Glam offers functional advantages of closed-door cooling combined with the aesthetics and style of a modern, high-quality design.

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