Semivertical sliding

Sliding semi-vertical glass doors for commercial refrigeration systems.

The choice of doors and closures for commercial refrigerators is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency of the refrigeration system. Cisaplast offers a wide range of semi-vertical sliding glass doors that provide numerous benefits.

Firstly, our sliding glass doors guarantee easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to their stainless steel structure and hermetic seal, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. In this way, cleaning and hygiene of the refrigerator are always guaranteed.

In addition, thanks to the transparency of the glass, the visibility of the products inside the refrigerator is optimal, allowing better exposure of food and products to customers. In this way, products are always clearly visible and easily accessible, increasing their appeal to customers.

Our sliding glass doors are equipped with an anti-fog system, which ensures maximum visibility of products at all times, without the need to open the door to remove fog.

In addition to being functional, Cisaplast sliding glass doors are also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their elegant and modern structure, which adapts perfectly to any type of environment.

Finally, our sliding glass doors are designed to guarantee maximum energy efficiency, reducing management costs and energy waste. In this way, it is possible to save on refrigerator management costs while ensuring maximum refrigeration system efficiency.

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