Panorama MDL

The new PANORAMA range was created to give a strong touch of style to the point of sale. Designed without visible perimeter profiles, thanks to the “Full Glass” system it offers maximum visibility to the products.

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The range was born with the brand new 3H-ONE hinge patented by Cisaplast, but the maximum adaptability of the product is also guaranteed by the possibility of choosing different closing systems, from traditional to hydraulic.

To get the most out of aesthetics, PANORAMA is also designed with thinner profiles, without sacrificing technical performance.

No compromise between physics and design.

Bassa temperatura
Low Temperature
Vertical bench bt
Vertical Cabinet BT
Swing bt
Hinged BT
  • Profiles in composite PVC and aluminium material
  • Ultrabright insulated glass with triple glazing
  • Heated frame with LED lighting
  • Automatic 90° door locking system
  • Full Glass Wide Vision
  • Customized handles
  • Full-height and combined doors available
  • 3H-ONE hinge patented by Cisaplast

Each refrigerator compartment is managed as a single module, to allow installation of a door or a series of doors even at a later time.

Panorama MDL allows large areas to be covered, and each module has its own frame to facilitate installation.

Panorama MDL modular cisaplast
Elegance and Style

Minimal profiles and cantilevered glass effect around the entire perimeter give the refrigerator a modern and refined appearance. This type of design is especially appreciated by customers; the aesthetic appearance enhances the presentation of products and lends professionalism to the store.

In addition, thanks to the transparent glass, customers can easily view the products for sale inside the refrigerator, making it even more attractive and functional.

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