Closures and covers island systems

Closures and covers for Cisaplast's commercial refrigeration island systems.

Hygiene and cleanliness are fundamental in the field of commercial refrigeration, especially when it comes to refrigerators and refrigerated islands, where the preservation of food products must be guaranteed at all times. Our glass closures for refrigerated islands are designed to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness, thanks to their smooth surface which is easy to clean.

The greater visibility of internal products is another advantage of our glass covers. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, the products displayed inside the refrigerated island are clearly visible and attract the attention of customers.

The anti-fogging system of our glass closures for refrigerated islands ensures maximum visibility of the displayed products, without the glass fogging up, even in the presence of strong temperature changes.

The better aesthetics of the refrigerated island is an important factor, because a refrigerated island with a neat and modern appearance attracts customers more. Our glass covers for refrigerated islands perfectly integrate into the surrounding environment, giving the island a clean and appealing look.

Finally, our glass closures for refrigerated islands ensure a reduction in costs and energy waste. Thanks to the hermetic sealing system, the cold air inside the island is trapped, avoiding excessive energy losses.

Discover our complete range of glass closures for commercial refrigerators and refrigerated islands, designed to meet every need. Cisaplast, your reliable partner in commercial refrigeration.

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