Sirio and Cisaplast for Industry 4.0: Digitalization of processes as an opportunity to improve and optimize every department.

Sirio and Cisaplast industry 4.0 blog

The digitalization of production processes is an opportunity for companies to simplify their processes, improve infrastructure management, and optimize flows and resources in every department. In recent years, Cisaplast has undertaken a digital transformation journey towards the paradigms of Industry 4.0, without disrupting the supply chain. In this context, it chose Sirio as a partner for the digitalization of processes and flows and IT infrastructure management.

The collaboration between Cisaplast and Sirio has been synergistic. Sirio implemented the SoftwareSirio ERP, facilitating the introduction of new processes and features. The choice of an Italian software house ensured Cisaplast's knowledge of product sectors, thanks to superior adaptability and listening skills compared to international competitors, who often prefer standardization.

Cisaplast's efforts have doubled its revenue in the last ten years, from 20 to a projection that approaches 50 million euros in 2022. Sirio's long and established partnership with IBM has ensured maximum value for Cisaplast's investments, even in its corporate infrastructure. This was possible thanks to the choice of a customized software solution and Sirio's experience in the manufacturing sector, which allowed for greater efficiency and productivity.

Cisaplast and Sirio's IT projects have grown together, as Spigardi, head of the company's IT department since 2009, has described. Sirio's ability to seize opportunities has allowed Cisaplast to maintain a leadership position in its market and continue to grow.

In Italy, the concept of lean manufacturing is already a reality, and the collaboration between companies like Cisaplast and Sirio is an example of how digitalization can contribute to simplifying production processes, improving IT infrastructure management, and ensuring greater efficiency and flexibility in corporate logistics.

Furthermore, the introduction of the SoftwareSirio ERP has simplified corporate processes and increased integration between the various company departments. For example, the integration between the PDM software and the corporate registry has allowed for greater speed in the design phases, essential for a production reality like Cisaplast, where custom projects constitute the majority of products.

In addition, the implementation of automatic vertical warehouses that can communicate directly with Sirio's systems is a further step towards the digitalization of the company and the simplification of logistics processes, also to and from the company's international hubs.

In conclusion, Cisaplast's success story demonstrates how the choice of a customized software solution and an Italian partner, and investments in technological progress in Industry 4.0, can allow companies to achieve significant growth and efficiency results while maintaining their specificity and respect for the supply chain. The digitalization of corporate processes is a fundamental step to remain competitive in the market.

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